Rick Heyland's guest is Retired Astronaut- Chris Hadfield.  Chris has been called the most popular Astronaut since Neil Armstrong.  He is a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Test Pilot, Fighter pilot, Astronaut, Author, Teacher, Singer and Composer.  His version of David Bowie's "space oddity" recorded in space has over 75M downloads.  Chris discusses with Rick his philosophies on personal and professional Continuous Improvement. In this hour long discussion he talks about principles such as;  "slow down to speed up", "be a student for the rest of your life", "use the quiet time to develop competence", "sweat the small stuff but don't let them see you sweat", "have long-term goals but celebrate the daily victories".  Any leader interested in insights about personal development and safety and operational excellence should listen to this podcast and share it with their teams!

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