Author Stephanie M. Hutchins shares her key learnings to overcome significant trauma in her life.  Some of the Lessons include: 1. Small Goals 2. Self...View Details

Millennial in the Middle Podcast Star, Connor Dehlin helps us find the common ground on many current events including: cancel culture, the U.S. flag, ...View Details

Jenny Toh is a lawyer from Singapore who recently followed her passion and new found purpose and quit law and is now a practicing positive intelligenc...View Details

A great conversation with Easton Allred about Purpose, Goals, and Positive affirmations. Easton is one of the fastest true freshman in the NCAA for 5K...View Details

Rick Heyland answers 6 frequently asked questions about the value of articulating a written purpose statement even if you already have purpose in your...View Details

We finally made it easy to develop your own purpose statement.  Go to: Get daily audio coaching notes to develop your very...View Details

Rick's guest is John Rampton a serial entrepreneur, connector and online influencer.   John's companies build amazing products and services that scale...View Details

Rick Heyland and Charles Matheus discuss the need for a new style of leadership to properly engage and lead employees in a new way.  It's ok to be vul...View Details

Rick Heyland and special guest Eric Twiggs, talk about how to overcome procrastination to allow you to achieve great results in your business and life...View Details

Rick introduces the new Ci4life journal found on The journal has sections for the 5 steps for lasting happiness and success: 1. Purpo...View Details

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