Did you know you can increase productivity 5X if you have IQ, EQ and MQ (meaning and purpose quotient) at work? LinkedIn (2016 global study) research ...View Details

The 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey are: The Ordinary World The Call of Adventure  Refusal of the Call  Meeting the Mentor  Crossing the First Thresho...View Details

A podcast specifically tailored to small business owners and leaders.  If you need a 20%+ performance boost in your business, follow the process Rick ...View Details

Danny Brassell is America's Leading Reading Ambassador.  He reads 5,000 books a year.  He shares the value of reading for kids and for career success!

Rick Heyland interviews Terry Jones who is an expert in business start-up, innovation and disruption. Terry has been involved in successfully launchin...View Details

Rick Heyland, Dr. Daren Heyland and Jill Christensen share their key goal accomplishment learnings from 2020 and their insights to accomplish their 20...View Details

Orly  Wahba- CEO of Life Vest Inside, shares the what, how, why of kindness!  Kindness is the greatest tool for people to see their value! https://www...View Details

Rick Heyland and his guests; Dr. Nate Lambert and Taylor Heyland, CPA discuss application and insights to help you accomplish your financial/physical/...View Details

Rick Heyland and Success Coach- Barbara Daoust talk about the process to accomplish your dreams and big goals in life.

A discussion with 4 special guests on how to learn from 2020. I Win or Learn I never lose- Nelson Mandela

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