Develop your own Personal Growth Strategy

February 27th, 2020

If you were a stock, would people be investing in you or would they be divesting?

Rick Heyland and Nathan Goodfellow talk about the importance of developing a personal growth strategy to accomplish your goals and ambitions. Using the analogy of “personal investing,” Rick establishes the importance of properly defining the problem and measuring the benchmarks so you can fully analyze and research each area of your goal to come up with a winning growth strategy. Nathan shares how he accomplished a drastic improvement in his health 3 years ago by losing 50 pounds through exercise and improved nutrition. These examples help illustrate the importance of not giving up on your goals and instead analyzing the problem to come up with a personal growth strategy!

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Organizational Learning through Real Time Lessons Learned

February 10th, 2020

Dave Berlando, Senior Performance Coach with RLG joins Rick Heyland to review an integrated learning system that helped Dave's latest client achieve a 10-day improvement on a recent maintenance shutdown.  Dave and Rick share the details of RLG's RTLL™ (Real-Time Lessons Learned).  For more details and success stories with Real-Time Lessons Learned go to:

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Building a Learning Organization with Carlos Gamio from Shell Oil

January 14th, 2020

Rick Heyland and special guests, Carlos Gamio (SMPO TA Event Manager with Shell) and Scott McKenzie (Vice President and Business Unit Leader for RLG Int’l) discuss, “Keys to Developing a Learning Organization”. They will speak to  some success factors of organization learning and highlight one of those factors, the “after-action review” that helped drive tremendous learning events for a complex maintenance project at one of their refineries. For more details on AAR's go to

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Join the 20% who accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions with the ideas shared by 3 special guests

January 6th, 2020

Rick Heyland and his guests - Tracy Pond, J.R. Hansen and Parker Jones - take on the challenge of helping you accomplish your personal goals and New Year's Resolutions. The processes, tools and skills shared by them in this episode will help you accomplish your 2020 aspirations! (go to for a list of the books and references listed in this podcast)

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Faster and Better!

December 20th, 2019

Rick Heyland and RLG's Mike Nystrom (former US Navy Process Improvement Director) discuss how to drive 300% to 1000% improvements in key business processes with "faster and better". Mike shares how he applied the principles of Value stream mapping combined with RLG's Operating Rhythm to create a massive culture and performance change in a financial services company. Go to for the details of this incredible "step change" story! 

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Reading improves quality of life by 20% and reduces stress by 68%.

December 13th, 2019

It's December and a great time to start your personal year-end review.  Let's start with reviewing the best books of 2019.  What were the best books?  What are the benefits of reading (listening) for personal development? Rick Heyland reviews the top 3 books of his closest "top reading" associates.  For more information and research visit RLG International at  where you will find "CI4Life" in the Insights section.

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Gratitude; A Critical Strategy for Sustainable Continuous Improvement

November 28th, 2019

Rick Heyland reviews the research on the value of gratitude and positive recognition for the individual and in the workplace. Increased gratitude has 31 benefits to your emotional, social, personality, career and health. He also shares eight (8) strategies to improve the amount of gratitude in your life and the workplace.

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Is Excellence born or developed? How is Excellence developed?

November 26th, 2019

Rick Heyland reviews the research on how the great become great.  Was Tiger Woods, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet and Jerry Rice born with greatness or did they develop it through hard work (practice) and excellent coaching and mentoring?

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Unlocking Innovation and Creativity in your Workplace

October 31st, 2019

Rick Heyland and Rob Gulbronson (RLG International VP and Business unit leader) discuss 5 rules to unlock innovation in your workforce.  Most of the research and writings around innovation are good, but generic and don't offer concrete solutions for a Leader to innovate in the workplace.  Rick Presents 5 simple but pragmatic rules for any team to create innovation that impacts the bottom-line.

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Bill Ambrose - The soft skills are the hard skills in turning around business performance

October 16th, 2019

Rick Heyland (RLG International EVP) and Bill Ambrose (ex-Mammoet Industries President and ex-Transocean SVP) discuss the art of the business Turnaround. Bill shares his 5 step process for turning around a large brownfield capital project program.

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