Rick Heyland invites guests; John Shewfelt, Roger Laing, Rob Gulbronson and Lara Mickel from RLG International on this timely podcast as the world tre...View Details

Rick Heyland is joined by New York Times Best Selling Author Adrian Gostick. Adrian is ranked as #3 on the list of the Top 30 Global Gurus in Leadersh...View Details

If you were a stock, would people be investing in you or would they be divesting? Rick Heyland and Nathan Goodfellow talk about the importance of deve...View Details

Dave Berlando, Senior Performance Coach with RLG joins Rick Heyland to review an integrated learning system that helped Dave's latest client achieve a...View Details

Rick Heyland and special guests, Carlos Gamio (SMPO TA Event Manager with Shell) and Scott McKenzie (Vice President and Business Unit Leader for RLG I...View Details

Rick Heyland and his guests - Tracy Pond, J.R. Hansen and Parker Jones - take on the challenge of helping you accomplish your personal goals and New Y...View Details

Faster and Better!

Rick Heyland and RLG's Mike Nystrom (former US Navy Process Improvement Director) discuss how to drive 300% to 1000% improvements in key business proc...View Details

It's December and a great time to start your personal year-end review.  Let's start with reviewing the best books of 2019.  What were the best books? ...View Details

Rick Heyland reviews the research on the value of gratitude and positive recognition for the individual and in the workplace. Increased gratitude has ...View Details

Rick Heyland reviews the research on how the great become great.  Was Tiger Woods, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet and Jerry Rice born with greatness or did...View Details

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